Dolphin S50 Vs Escape

Further down the page, you’ll find some explanations regarding the key similarities and differences between the Dolphin S50 and the Dolphin Escape.

But before checking out explanations regarding their portability, cleaning, and connectivity & automation, here’s a table that summarizes the main technical summary sheet for these 2 robot pool cleaners:

Dolphin S50 Dolphin Escape
Weight 14,6 pounds 14 pounds
Size 22,2x 17.6 x 13.2 inches 22.24 x 17.76 x 12.87 inches
Pool Size Up to 30 Ft 22.24 x 17.76 x 12.87 inches
Pool Type Above Ground Above Ground
Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable No No
Cable Length 40 feet4 0 feet
Filter Type Fine Fine, Ultra Fine
Filter Access Top Access Top Access
Filter Description Basket, Top-load Basket, Top-load
Cleaning Coverage Floor Only Floor Only
Cleaning Mode(s) Standard Floor Only
Cleaning Cycle(s) 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours
Mobility CleverClean™ CleverClean™
Suction Rate 4000 gph 4000 gph
Number of Brushes 1 Brush 1 Brushes
Waterline Scrubbing No No
Brush Type Standard Brush Standard Brush
Active Brushes 1 Active 1 Active
Remote Control No No
Wi-Fi® No Yes
MyDolphin™ Plus App No Yes
Weekly Timer No Yes
Cycle Selector No Yes
Delay Mode No Yes
Full Bag Indicator No Yes
Delay Feature No Yes
Automation Mode No Yes
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Dolphin S50 Vs Escape: Portability

Good news for you! The S50 and Escape are among the most compact models in the Dolphin lineup. Thus, no worries about their portability!


In terms of size, the S50 and Escape are pretty similar. The Escape measures 22.24 x 17.76 x 12.87 inches, while the S50 comes in at 22.2 x 17.6 x 13.2 inches.

These models are lightweight, too. The Escape weighs 14 pounds, whereas the S50 is heavier at 14.6 pounds.

You can see a weight gap between the two cleaners. Yet, I don’t find it big enough to affect their portability.

The S50 and Escape are terrific cleaners for those who intend to carry them around. And if you have a limited storage space, these machines can still fit well!

Cable Length

The cable length refers to how far the cleaner can go from its power source. Both models have a 40-foot cable, which is suitable for small pools.

Unfortunately, neither the Escape nor the S50 has an anti-tangle swivel cable. As a result, I have to untangle the cable sometimes when it gets tangled when running manually.

Pool Type And Size

With a 40-foot cable, these two cleaners can only handle pools with a maximum length of 30 feet. Besides, they are built to clean above-ground pools.

But don’t worry! Above-ground pools are generally smaller than in-ground ones. So the limited cable length won’t cause any trouble.

Dolphin Escape Robot Pool Cleaner

Dolphin S50 Vs Escape: Cleaning

The S50 and Escape offer the same cleaning features. It means they have equally impressive cleaning performance. I will show you how well they perform.

Filter Type

First, these Dolphin cleaners use a fine filter kit. So, even the tiniest particles and debris can’t escape from the filters.

Please note that the filters are where the cleaners keep the debris. However, they have a tight storage space. So after several cleaning sessions, you have to clean the filters.

Fortunately, the S50 and Escape give you top filter access. You can remove and clean them easily. Then, reinstall them, and your cleaners can continue working effectively to clean your pool.

Another similarity between these little helpers is their filter design. They have a top-load basket, which allows for easy maintenance. You can also expect optimal filtration efficiency since the baskets can hold a lot of particles.

Cleaning Coverage

Both the S50 and Escape focus on the pool floor only. They excel at removing dirt, leaves, and other debris that accumulates there.

How about the pool walls and waterline? Well, these cleaners can’t scrub those areas. They focus on the floor, where debris gathers the most.

Cleaning Mode

The cleaning mode of both models is standard. In this manner, they can follow a pre-programmed cleaning pattern. Then, you can ensure complete coverage of the pool floor.

Besides, they have a fixed cleaning cycle of 1.5 hours. It means these cleaners can complete their cleaning session in just 1.5 hours.

I highly value this feature. The reasonable timeframe helps me enjoy my clean pool without waiting too long.

Have you ever wondered how robotic pool cleaners can run? It’s because of the mobility technology in each model. And in the case of the S50 and Escape, Dolphin installs the CleverClean technology to drive them.

The CleverClean software technology makes cleaning your pool super easy. It scans your pool first, then figures out the best way to clean it. So, regardless of the pool shape, these two Dolphin models can navigate your pool smoothly.

Suction Rate

The suction rate affects the cleaning capabilities of your cleaners, too. It indicates how powerfully they can draw in debris to keep the pool water clean.

In this regard, both the S50 and Escape have a suction rate of 4000 gph. This powerful suction allows them to remove debris from the pool floor effectively. After a cleaning session, you can enjoy the debris-free swimming experience.

Number of Brushes

The brush plays a crucial role in scrubbing and loosening dirt. It also helps ensure a thorough cleaning process. So remember to check the brushes carefully when shopping for robotic pool cleaners.

Both the S50 and Escape have one brush, which is sufficient for effectively cleaning the pool floor.

The standard brush of these models can handle general cleaning tasks. I love how these small cleaners can remove debris from my pool floor with just one brush.

However, there isn’t any active brush in these models. If yes, with the help of its scrubbing power, you will get a more robust cleaning experience.

Dolphin S50 Vs Escape: Connectivity & Automation

Sadly, both the S50 and Escape lack connectivity and automation features, such as remote control and weekly timer.

Nevertheless, the absence of those advanced features is not a drawback. I think that Dolphin focused on user-friendliness when making the S50 and Escape.

Suppose that you have a cleaner packed with Wi-Fi connectivity, automation, and delay features. They can surely enhance convenience. Yet, it also means you have to handle more stuff.

I like how simple the S50 and Escape are. I can’t control them remotely, but they still perform well when cleaning my pool.

Quick Rundown Of Dolphin S50

Dolphin S50 Robot Pool Cleaner
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable filters
  • Low suction rate
  • The ideal depth for lake cleaning is low

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Quick Rundown Of Dolphin Escape

Dolphin Escape Robot Pool Cleaner
1,384 Reviews
Dolphin Escape Robot Pool Cleaner
  • Delivers unmatched performance for any above ground or in-ground pool at an unthinkable cost. Perfect for any shape swimming pool made with vinyl, fiberglass, gunite up to 33ft
  • No messy bags! Large and in charge oversized debris cartridge holds up to 60% more debris. Escape's Hyperbrush Scrubbing Brush scrubs and vacuums away difficult to remove contaminants, algae, and debris.
  • Hypergrip Continuous Tracks - leaves wheels cleaners in its wake with its energy efficient 24 Volt DC motors that filter over 4000 GPH.
  • SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning Smart Navigation. Advanced navigation and scanning software ensures your pool is cleaned using the most efficient route without letting obstacles get in the way.
  • Only 14 lbs. and Quick Water Release - Escapes lightweight design makes it a breeze to clean. Backed by a best-in-class Two Year Quality Assurance.

  • Acceptable for above & in-ground pools
  • Save power
  • Lightweight
  • system of water delivery
  • Save fuel
  • Low noise level
  • No walls and waterline cleaning
  • No swivel and tangle-free cable
  • No remote control

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There are many similarities between these Dolphin cleaners. If you are looking for a lightweight cleaner without compromising cleaning capabilities, order the Escape now to get help.

Meanwhile, the Dolphin S50 is slightly heavier than its competitor. Yet, you can still have the same experience when using this model.

Hopefully, you will find this comparison helpful. Now, recheck the features of each machine, and go for your favorite!