How to Measure for a Pool Safety Cover

The following steps will guide you in measuring your pool. They apply to rectangular or irregular shaped pools. Use the Custom Safety Cover Form on to input the measurements, as required.

Step 1

First, establish a line of reference that all subsequent measurements will be taken. To do this, choose a point 4-6 feet from the edge of the pool, along the pool’s length. Measure out a line approximately 15-20 feet long; running parallel to the side of the pool and centered along its length. This reference line should be shorter than the overall length of the pool.

One end of this line will be point ‘A’. The other, point ‘B’. Install stakes to mark the points.

Step 2

In order to accurately measure the pool, you will be required to measure the distance from a number of points around the edge of the pool, to both Point A and Point B. To do this, establish the first measurement point along the edge – where the coping meets the water. Mark this point with chalk, as Point 1. Measure 2’ along the edge of the pool – mark your next measuring point as Point 2.

Continue to mark reference points in 2’ intervals around the perimeter of the pool. This includes any obstructions like slides, diving boards, waterfalls, or spillover spas. To ensure accuracy, make your reference points at exactly 6” to 12” increments; or wherever there is a pronounced curve or bend in the shape of the pool.

IMPORTANT – If you have any obstructions on your pool deck within 12” of the edge of the pool, such as slide legs or waterfalls, measure their position carefully. For example, if you have steps leading down into the pool, establish measuring points at both edges of the pool. This is where the steps enter the pool area. This is the same for points back from the pool around the steps.

Step 3

Begin measuring your pool systematically. Measure the distance between Point A and Point 1. Then, Point A to Point 2. You will continue to follow this step until you have taken measurements around the entire pool perimeter. Make sure you know these measurements under Column A on the Custom Safety Cover Form

Next, repeat this process; but by measuring from Point B to Point 1; Point B to Point 2, and so on. Do this until you have measured around the pool once again. Note all of your distances in Column B of the Custom Safety Cover Form.

Step 4

As an added precaution to ensure accuracy, measure the distance between two opposite points along the length and width of the pool. Mark those distances on the chart.