How to Save Money on Swimming Pool Costs

Swimming pools are a common sight in many backyards across Arizona and California. When the weather gets warm, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool! That being said, we need to be mindful of the higher energy costs during the summer due to the increased usage of our swimming pool equipment.

So, how do you lower your inflated utility bills during the summer? Our friends at Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) created this informative video with expert tips about how to save money on pool costs during the warmer months.

Energy Saving Tips for Swimming Pools

Tip #1

The biggest source of energy consumption is the pool pump filtration system. The pool filter system circulates water to keep your pool clean. The easiest way to save money is by running this system when electricity costs are the cheapest. In the summer, this is typically at night or early morning. For example, SMUD’s Off-Peak Time-of-Day Rate during the summer is from midnight (12 AM) to noon (12 PM). Check with your local energy provider for a list of times and days for the cheapest rates.

Tip #2

Choose the right type of pool pump system. A lot of swimming pools currently use a single-speed pump, which runs at maximum power all the time. This not only wastes a lot of energy but will cost the pool owner more money than other options. We recommend switching to a Variable Speed Pump for the best efficiency and customized programming for your pool. Variable Speed Pumps can run at a lower rate when in normal use, and faster when you need a higher water flow rate. For example, cleaning or heating the water would require a faster flow of water. Learn how much you can save by switching from a Single Speed to Variable Speed Pump with this easy-to-use Calculator!

Variable Speed Pumps:

  • Have a longer lifespan than single-speed pool pumps
  • Are noticeably quieter than other pool pump options
  • Run cooler because they are not always on maximum power
  • Are the most energy efficient option for pool filter systems
  • Typically pay for themselves in about 5 – 7 years, if not much sooner.

Another added benefit to Variable Speed Pumps is that many utility companies across the country offer a rebate to pool owners when they upgrade from Single Speed to Variable Speed Pool Pumps. To find out if your local utility company offers any rebates.

Tip #3

Another way to save is by keeping your pool filter clean all summer long. A dirty pool filter can drive up energy costs because the pump needs to work harder to push water through the system. If you own a Cartridge Filter, simply clean the cartridge by spraying the cartridge with a Degreaser/Filter Cleaner and then rinsing it down with a garden hose.

Tip #4

Add some plants and landscaping around the pool area. This will minimize the cooling wind that blows across the pool surface, lowering the costs of a pool heater.

Tip #5

Avoid water evaporation by using a pool cover as often as possible. Solar Covers are an inexpensive way to lower evaporation during the summer. Liquid Solar Blankets also reduce evaporation by creating a thin, safe layer across the water’s surface.

Tip #6

Upgrade your pool lights with LED replacement bulbs. LED Pool Lights use between 50% – 90% less energy compared to traditional incandescent pool lights. They also have a longer lifespan.

There you have it! Now you have even MORE reasons to enjoy your swimming pool this summer! If you live in the Sacramento area, make sure to learn more at and start saving money today!