Preparing Your Pool for Spring

As the weather starts to get warmer, you no longer need to daydream of swimming and lounging by your pool. Your dream will come to life soon and you can start with a few simple steps in order to make your pool usable after many harsh winter months. These steps will assist you in making your pool safer to use by your friends and family.

1. Cleaning Your Pool Cover

Begin by removing any debris that has been collected on the pool cover during the winter. If water has collected on your pool cover, tighten the sides of the cover and use a cover pump to remove the collected water. Solid debris can be removed using a mesh net.

2. Removing Cover

Empty any side water bags that were used to weigh down the cover. Once the side weights have been removed, fold the cover in an accordion manner removing it from the top of the pool. Set the cover aside to dry and pack for future use.

3. Inspection

Inspect the pump and skimmer basket, plugs, and connections. If the damage is severe replace the item or if it is slightly damaged mend it using waterproof products.

4. Start the Pool Filtration System

Remove any winter plugs or tools used to prevent the freezing of water. Reassemble the pump and pool filter using product instructions. Reattach any hoses and plugs, which were removed during pool closure.

An important step to follow is to remove all air from plumbing and equipment, as air will get compressed during the filtration process causing a hazard. Start your pool filter while checking pressure levels remain within product guidelines.

5. Add Water

Add additional water, if your water levels have receded during winter months. Be sure never to completely empty the contents of your pool, especially with underground pools. Removing all of the water may result in your pool being damaged.

Check the pools for leaks and any structural damage. If there is any damage be sure to repair it before it worsens.

6. Cleaning

Using a net, clean any debris, which has fallen into your pool water during closure.

The final step before you can enjoy your pool is to check the water chemistry. Let the water circulate for at least 8 hours before testing it. Test the water and add chemicals accordingly. It is important to add chemicals in the correct proportions and sequence. As your pool has not been used recently, it is advisable to get your pool water expertly tested at the beginning of Spring.

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Preparing your pool after closure during winter is vital before you begin swimming, as it ensures your pool remain well-maintained and is safe to use. Once you follow these simple steps, you can begin to enjoy the warm weather.